Truly Versatile Jackets for Active Urban Life

Crafted in Canada, by the makers of your favorite brands

One Degree of Separation

That’s how we can give you a 10 Year Warranty.

From our jacket-making hands to yours

We know what it means to make a quality jacket because we’ve actually been doing it, with our own hands in our own factory. 

You might not know this, but the jackets you’ve been buying aren’t manufactured in-house by the brands themselves. In fact, there are a few high-end factories in the world that produce these jackets.

We’re at the top of that list.

You know we’ll be there if the need arises. After all, we’re the creators and the manufacturers.

Our jacket is extremely comfortable and will keep you dry in all weather conditions in any activity

Designed for your Whole Day - All Year Round

For All Weather Conditions 

Cutting Edge Fabric & Rigorous Testing Standards

A perfect jacket wearing experience requires an insane level of detail 

Waterproof and Breathable

Rigorous testing and quality construction means you stay warm, comfy and dry all the time

10 Year Warranty

If anything happens, we’ll fix it for you - it’s made in our own factory after all

Body Specific Shaping

Designed separately to fit the distinct male and female bodies while in motion

Premium Inputs

Made with the finest materials: eVent fabrics, YKK zippers, Bemis adhesives and seam sealing, 3M reflectors

Hideable/Deployable Features

Protection and safety when you need it but out of sight when you don’t

Stylish Minimalist Design

Because perfection is what’s left when you’ve stripped away all the unnecessary

Made in Our Factory here in Vancouver, Canada

We’ve been making big brand jackets and premium quality clothing for years. We developed the highest manufacturing standards and learned the best practices from everywhere before turning around and designing our own.

Our team has experience manufacturing for

  • LuluLemon
  • Canada Goose
  • Mountain Equipment Co-Op
  • Strike Movement


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